Identity: Freedom in NY March 7-9, 2019 

Source: Arts for Art.

Identity: Freedom
March 7-9, 8:00pm
The Kitchen
512 West 19th St, NYC 10011

March 7 – 8pm
William Parker’s Trail of Tears Continuum (1492-2019)
​AnnMarie Sandy, Raina Sokolov Gonzalez – voice
Fred Moten, Tracie Morris – poetry
Cooper-Moore – piano
James Brandon Lewis – tenor sax
Hamid Drake – drums
William Parker – bass, composition, video
Video by William Parker and Michael Lucio Sternbach

Bassist / composer William Parker premieres Trail of Tears Continuum (1492-2019) a new multi-media work tracing the de-evolution of humanity in America. The 90 minute suite is broken into four sections — “Plantations,” “Reservations,” “Housing Projects,” Prisons” — and built around new music, libretto, and narrative composed by Parker. Performers include singers Anne Marie Sandy and Raina Sokolov Gonzalez, musicians Hamid Drake, Cooper-Moore, and James Brandon Lewis, and features original poetry by Fred Moten and Tracie Morris. The piece is also accompanied by film by Parker and Michael Lucio-Sternbach.

March 8 – 8pm
Dave Burrell’s Harlem Renaissance
Dave Burrell – piano, composition
Ted Daniel – trumpet
Steve Swell, Dick Griffin – trombone
William Parker – bass
Hamid Drake – drums
Dancers to be announced

Pianist / composer Dave Burrell premieres the latest iteration of his continuing exploration of the Harlem Renaissance, presented in tribute to the Civil Rights activist and entertainer Josephine Baker. The piece centers on the interaction between piano and two dancers, augmented by a brass line featuring Ted Daniel, Steve Swell, and Dick Griffin, and rhythm section of William Parker and Hamid Drake. Piano and dance take turns leading and following the ensemble, blurring lines between composition and free improvisation.

March 9 – 8pm
Andrew Cyrille’s Haitian Fascination
Andrew Cyrille – drums
Jorge Sylvester – saxophone
Angelica Sanchez – piano
Lisle Atkinson – bass
Val Jeanty – percussion, electronics
Poet to be announced

Drummer / composer Andrew Cyrille presents new work paying homage to his Haitian ancestry. Performers include collaborators old and new including pianist Angelica Sanchez, bassist Lisle Atkinson, percussionist Val Jeanty, and saxophonist Jorge Sylvester. A poet and additional artists will augment the ensemble. ​