Steve Roach on His Second Grammy Nomination

Source: Tucson Weekly.

After decades of making music, influencing multiple genres and crafting a discography spanning more than a hundred hours, ambient/electronic pioneer Steve Roach might finally be hitting his stride. The Tucson-based musician recently received his second-ever Grammy nomination for his 2018 album Molecules of Motion, after receiving his first Grammy nomination only last year.

“It was like lightning hitting a tree twice, when you don’t even expect it to hit once,” Roach said. “But it’s cool to have this new attention. I just keep doing what I do.”

Receiving two consecutive Grammy nominations after 30 years of making music is a bit perplexing to Roach, who admits he doesn’t know what specifically he’s done different to get this attention, though he does have some guesses. His two albums that received nominations, both in the “Best New Age Album” category, are the culmination and combination of several periods of work.