February at Areté 

Source: New York’s Areté Venue & Gallery.

Conduit: Duo Dialogues
2/7/19, 7pm
$15 at the door
Zach Manzi (bass clarinet) and Evan Saddler (percussion). Conduit is a musical group creating dynamic artistic experiences that transcend boundaries and conduct energy. This performance will explore unique sonorities and energetic rhythmic exchanges between bass clarinet and percussion. It will feature Comfort Patterns by Anna Meadors, You Broke It, You Bought It by Timo Andres, and the premiere of Kyle Tieman-Strauss’ Abject.

Electric Creatures – First Look
Giacomo Baldelli – Electric Guitar
2/14/19, 7pm
Celebration for the US version release of Electric Creatures (Sussidiaria-SD015), a new album by Italian guitarist- and NYC based- Giacomo Baldelli. The original album was released last November in Italy and was there praised as a “masterpiece” (Neuguitars). For this special occasion Baldelli will perform a set of pieces featured in the album written by Eve Beglarian and Ryan Pratt, together with the US premiere of Three Electric Creatures by Andrea Agostini and Slow Earth by Nick Norton.

Convergences IV: Paracosm // Luke Stewart
2/18/19, 8pm
$15 at the door
Paracosm is a new duo project by longtime friends and collaborators María Grand and Rajna Swaminathan. In the spirit of creating a “paracosm,” an alternate universe dreamt up with childlike wonder, they return to a place of simple curiosity about sound and vibration. In addition to playing the instruments they are professionally known for — tenor saxophone and mrudangam (South Indian percussion) — they incorporate their voices and the piano to bridge the gap between the modalities of intimate practice and formal performance, bringing a heart-centric offering focused on spontaneity and trust. Luke Stewart is a DC/NY-based musician and organizer. As a solo artist, his recent focus is in compiling a series of improvisational sound structures for Upright Bass and Amplifier, utilizing the resonant qualities of the instrument to explore real-time harmonic and melodic possibilities.

Feminist Counterpoint electrified: music for viola and electronics
Wet Ink Ensemble: Braxton Composition No. 222
2/19/19, 7pm & 9pm
$15 at the door
Violist Kallie Ciechomski presents Feminist Counterpoint electrified: an evening of music for viola, electronics, and projections by women, trans, and non-binary artists.
Wet Ink’s Josh Modney (violin) and Eric Wubbels (piano) perform an evening-length rendition of Anthony Braxton’s Composition No. 222 for violin and piano, from Braxton’s Ghost Trance Music series. Offering great creative freedom to the performers and presenting infinite possibilities for reinterpretation, Braxton’s “GTM” and his philosophy of creative music making has been hugely influential on today’s adventurous music community.

String Noise: Whispering
2/20/19, 8pm
Conrad Harris, violin – Pauline Kim Harris, violin
“Whispering” is an evening inspired by very quiet music written for two violins:
(in) tone by Catherine Lamb (2011-12)
Ohne Titel by Jurg Frey (1995-96)
Field by Lou Bunk (2015) World Premiere

String Noise: Fabric For String Noise
Record Release Event + World Premiere of FIDELIO for two violins
2/21/19, 8pm
$25 at the door- includes prosecco reception
Conrad Harris, Violin – Pauline Kim Harris, Violin
A pre-record release event of Michael Byron’s “FABRIC FOR STRING NOISE” on Cold Blue Music featuring “New York’s most daring violin duo, String Noise.” Also will be the WORLD PREMIERE of Luciano Chessa’s “FIDELIO” for two violins.
* Limited copies of the album will be available at the show!

..quit without saving..
2/25/19, 8pm
$15 at the door
Kathleen Supové (Disklavier piano), Dafna Naphtali (electronics, voice, composition), Nick Didkovsky (electronics, guitar, composition)
Interactive and ephemeral music written for Kathleen Supové on Disklavier, and computers with minds of their own, and live sound processing —“Landmine” (Naphtali 1999), “Zero Waste” (Didkovsky 1999) plus improvisations and surprises.