NowNet Arts Festival 2019

Source: NowNet Arts.

NowNet Arts Festival 2019

FEBRUARY 17, 2019

NowNet Arts Festival is an annual event featuring premieres of contemporary network arts works by multiple artists for the NowNet Arts Ensemble and collaborating groups. The works are performed live via the internet by artists in different geographic locations.

Attend In-Person at New York Site: DiMenna Center for Classical Music, Benzaquen Hall, 450 W. 37th St, New York NY. Admission $20/$15 Students and Seniors

Listen Online: Suggested Donation $10.

Mobile Phone Orchestra by Ng Chor Guan (London)
Trio by Mark Dresser, bass (New York), Denman Maroney, piano (New York), Matthias Ziegler, flutes (Zurich)
Composers Interviewing Composers: Live interview of NowNet Arts Festival Composers Mark Dresser, Ng Chor Guan, Denman Maroney, Sarah Weaver, Matthias Ziegler. Sarah Weaver, interviewer. Sponsored by Composers Now and Fund for the City of New York.

Universal Synchrony Music by Sarah Weaver (New York) Improvisation for Peace
Performers: Jane Ira Bloom, soprano saxophone (New York), Robert Dick, flutes (New York), Min Xiao-Fen, pipa (New York), Ned Rothenberg, woodwinds (New York), Denman Maroney, piano (New York), Mark Dresser, bass (New York), Stephan Moore, electronics (Illinois), Kieran Maraj, electronics (Toronto), Doug Van Nort, electronics/sonifications (Toronto), Sarah Weaver, conductor (New York)