No Idea Festival 2019, Feb. 21-24 in Austin

Source: No Idea.

The 16th annual No Idea Festival brings together musicians and sound artists from around the world to Austin to collaborate for 3 nights and 2 afternoons in the fields of free improvisation, composition, installation, phonography, and sonic interventions.

Thursday, February 21, 2019
Venue: The Museum of Human Achievement, 3600 Lyons Rd. 78702 // 8pm to 11:30pm
Legendary Dutch avant-garde vocalist Jaap Blonk will perform with Boston double bassist Damon Smith. The two artists will perform selections from Cabaret Voltaire founder Hugo Ball’s “Six Sound Poems” from 1916. Blonk and Smith’s improvisations on Ball’s “Six Sound Poems” give life to the 100+ year-old work while providing a context to understand Ball’s enduring contributions to contemporary performance.

Friday, February 22, 2019
Venue: The Museum of Human Achievement, 3600 Lyons Rd. 78702 // 8pm to 11:30pm
Japanese electronic music pioneer Toshimaru Nakamura and NYC avant-percussionist Sean Meehan will perform their long-standing duo. Nakamura is the originator of the “no-input mixing board” – a way of using a regular mixing board as an electronic instrument through routing the machine’s internal circuitry back into itself. The process creates a feedback loop that produces new, never heard before sounds, as well as offering a total reconceptualization of what constitutes a musical instrument. Similarly, Meehan reconceptualized what a drum can be – moving it away from something to strike to create rhythm towards a resonant body full of rich frequencies and complex textures and timbres.

Saturday, February 23, 2019 (Afternoon Program)
Venue: Cloud Tree Studios & Gallery, 3411 E 5th St, 78702 // 1pm to 4pm
Berlin sound artist Werner Dafeldecker will present “Monolith” – an audio-visual installation created while the artist was on an extensive research trip in the Antarctic Peninsula. “Monolith” runs for the duration of No Idea 2019 (February 21-24); Dafeldecker will host a special presentation on Feb. 23 to discuss the challenges and peculiarities of making an artistic work in such an extreme environment. Augmenting the afternoon will be two solos by Massachusetts guitarist Wendy Eisenberg and NYC avant-percussion luminary Sean Meehan.

Saturday, February 23, 2019 (Evening Program)
Venue: The Museum of Human Achievement, 3600 Lyons Rd. 78702 // 8pm to 11:30pm
Mexico City performance artist Bárbara Lázara debuts a new work commissioned especially for No Idea 2019.

Sunday, February 24, 2019 (Afternoon Program)
Venue & Time: TBA
Italian electro-acoustic sound artist Valerio Tricoli will make his Texas debut in a special site-specific solo performance (Location announced Feb. 5). Mexico City composer Iván Naranjo will also perform a work created in response to the resonant frequencies and reverberations of the site’s architectural space.