The Lives Of Joseph Jarman And Alvin Fielder 

Source: NPR.

Two deaths in early January, of percussionist Alvin Fielder and multi-instrumentalist/poet/dramaturge Joseph Jarman, help remind us that artists’ lives shouldn’t be summarized by their documented works alone. Both men made signature contributions to the freedoms and complications that have enriched what we know as jazz, starting more than 50 years ago as founding members of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM).

Kate Gentile Interview

Source: Greenleaf Music.

Extraordinary drummer, composer, percussionist Kate Gentile talks with Dave about her compositions, her album, Mannequins, and her wide ranging collaborations with Matt Mitchell, Adam Hopkins, Jeremy Viner, Dustin Carlson, Snark Horse and others. Also covered: her use of technology, singing into her phone, pronunciation of her name, the syncopation of Brooklyn heating pipe noise, and more. Kate is wearing the Agoraphobic Nosebleed hoodie in the ENGAGE band photo.

Reviews From 2018 That You Should Read

Below is a list of reviews that we published over the last year that, for one reason or another, received fewer reads than the quality of the music presented deserves. Please take a look through the list and pick a couple to peruse. You will not be disappointed.