Ekmeles Singers Take on Sciarrino Reviewed

Source: New York Classical Review.

It can be hard sometimes to discern the actual qualities of the singing in modern and contemporary vocal music. The concept of the voice as a pure instrument and not a means for delivering a song — combined with avant-garde and extended techniques that carry the music farther into abstraction — will obscure how well a singer, you know, sings. As in their presentation of words and melodies. This was not the case with Ekmeles, one of the leading ensembles in the vocal repertoire that was on offer Thursday night at Crypt Chapel of the Church of the Intercession. And this particular program — of (mostly) Italian language music of this century — was so well chosen that one heard the full range of their skills, customary pleasures of phrasing and articulation included. In this style of music, Ekmeles bring out a rare level of musical expression.