Droneuary From Silber Records

Silber Records is curating a series of daily releases for the month of January (and perhaps February as well), each being a drone-based recording of varied length. All can be streamed and downloaded for free. Some of the initial ones include:

Droneuary I – Slicnaton – Provenance
Droneuary II – Littered With Arrows – Ever Distant And Constant Shadow
Droneuary III – Drekka + Þórir Georg – Beings of ImberIndus
Droneuary IV – Lycia – The Emptiness Of Airports
Droneuary V – Baptizer – Holodomor
Droneuary VI – 80’s Horns – Poser of Sleep
Droneuary VII – Nonconnah – Bruised Hearts Burn Like Cellophane
Droneuary VIII – Ocean in a Bottle – Dawn Chorus
Droneuary IX – Mason Jones – The Giants Hold The Key To Other Stars

Here’s the current & still expanding remaining roster:
Electric Bird Noise, Fornever, If Thousands, Subscape Annex, Grand Kali Ma, Switchblade Kid, Martin Newman, CHANGES TO blind, Determinist?, Doors In The Labyrinth, Llarks, Carl Kruger, Tristan Welch, Premature Burial, X-Bax, Sommer Drekka, The Corrupting Sea, Philip Polk Palmer, Nebh, remst8, Gargle, Robert Poss, The Sand Rays, xLWBxDRx, sound_00/lefterna, Remora, ShieldEyesFromLight, The Strange Walls, Luka Fisher, Seesar, Small Life Form, Petridisch, Anaccordion, Weather Machine, Konbanwa, Chvad SB, Heavy for the Vintage, mwvm.