AMN Reviews: Daniel & Mikael Tjernberg – Anton (2019; Bandcamp)

The term “cinematic” gets thrown around in reviews to describe music that resembles soundtrack material.  But there is a big difference between something that could be a soundtrack versus something that is actually intended to be one. Brothers Daniel and Mikael Tjernberg were inspired by Anton, a short sci-fi thriller film by Visual Cooks, and this album with the same name is the soundtrack. As such, is it varied and jarring, covering a wide swath of colors and textures.  Instrumentation is focused on synths, drums and percussion, bass and acoustic guitar, and chanted vocals combined with orchestral strings and brass.

Thematically, Anton is on the dark side. The drumming is martial and ominous, the classical themes heady and symphonic.  On the other hand, Postapocalyptic Landscape, the aptly-title third track, is an acoustic guitar / bass / drums / synth piece, that harkens to progressive rock. But perhaps the most enjoyable track is Out of Hand, an experimental piece that uses space to build tension between quirky synth outbursts and disjointed chamber rock themes.

Anton is not brand new music – a limited edition CD was originally released in 2013. But this version of the album has been remastered, and features a rich, crisp sound. If you like your music atmospheric and haunting look no further. Highly recommended.

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