Holger Czukay Boxed Set Reviewed

Source: Freq.

Holger Czukay is a name with which any self-respecting music fan will be only too familiar. With a career that started in 1960 with the introduction of the Holger Schuring Quintet, through time spent as a student of Karlheinz Stockhausen, on through the years spent honing Can into the extraordinary machine that it became and then the best part of a forty-year solo career which was the epitome of inclusion with collaborators flocking from far and wide to work with him.

His restless desire to expand the boundaries of music, how we should think about it and listen to it and how it should be produced and from what, was limitless. Any progressive or experimental music enthusiast has a lot for which to thank Holger Czukay. In an attempt to do just that, and after releasing the amazing five-disc taster from earlier this year, Grönland have chosen to initiate a series of re-releases of complete albums from his sprawling catalogue.