All About Jazz Reviews

Source: All About Jazz.

Echoes & Sirens (Aussenraum Records)

Dave Rempis
Icoci (Aerophonic Records)

Draksler – Eldh – Lillinger
Punkt.Vrt.Plastic (Intakt Records)

Ingrid Laubrock
Two Works For Orchestra With Soloists (Intakt Records)

Fish-Scale Sunrise
No Queen Rises (Relative Pitch Records)

Stephan Thelen
Fractal Guitar (MoonJune Records)

Marion Brown/Dave Burrell
Live at the Black Musicians’ Conference, 1981 (NoBusiness Records)

Bobby Naughton / Leo Smith / Perry Robinson
The Haunt (NoBusiness Records)

Mat Maneri / Matthew Shipp
Conference Of The Mat/ts (Rogueart Records)

Davis – Frith – Greenlief
Lantskap Logic (Clean Feed Records)

The Way Ahead
Bells, Ghosts and other Saints (Clean Feed Records)