Interview with Mike Johnson of Thinking Plague

Source: Pienemmät Purot.

It’s hard to find musical heroes as an adult. Sure, there are great albums being published all the time, some of them even by fresh faces. Yet, it has been a long while since anything has impacted me in the same way that King Crimson, Yes, Rush, Miles Davis or John Coltrane did when I was between fifteen and twenty years of age. The band Thinking Plague is an exception, as I only discovered it in 2017 when they published their latest album Hoping Against Hope. From the first few measures, something in the band’s music spoke to me directly, and the band soon rose to that special category of favorites, inhabited by the heroes of my youth. The music is not based on riffs, nor is it driven by the individualist expression of instrumentalists or vocalists, but rather by the pen of its composer; the music is complex but such complexity serves a musical purpose unlike is the case in so much of progressive rock and metal.