Three Releases Coming From New Wave of Jazz

Source: New Wave of Jazz.


Being labelmates on Raw Tonk Records, they got personally acquainted during RT’s 5th anniversary and this duo album was just a plan that needed to be executed. Meanwhile Benedict joined the TONUS ENSEMBLE for more than occasion (see below TONUS’ EAR DURATION album). Finally last Spring Taylor and Serries got together in the Sunny Side Inc. studio for a duel in free improvisation, a conversation between the viola and the acoustic guitar. As liner notes writer Guy Peters elegantly described “Improvised music can be quite cerebral, but it can also become something about physical practice as well. The art of touching.” Recorded in the flawless live room of the Sunny Side Inc. studio, this album thrives on the pure acoustic character of both instruments and how they musically interact.


A short but an ear-challenging album that goes beyond the acoustic nature of the instruments involved. Composed by Schiller, this album features 7 miniatures of sublime but abstract dialogue between him (spinet and voice) and Swiss violin player Anouck Genthon. “They cannot entirely exclude references to other stylistic or geographical areas of course, but their language is one that sounds strikingly personal and adds individual voices to a larger whole.” Guy Peters.


EAR DURATION captures the TONUS ENSEMBLE on a high level of creativity. In London for Dirk Serries’ 50th anniversary event at Cafe Oto, Dirk assembled some of his core TONUS members for a quintet studio session at the Hackney Road studios. On one afternoon in October they recorded 3 pieces. One following the strict TONUS guidelines while the other 2 sets connect with the more Q&A freedom common in free improvisation. The result is an album that clearly expands TONUS sonic universum and style of performance while honouring A New Wave Of Jazz’ statement and goal, that of bridging both worlds of musical expression. The TONUS quintet is Martina Verhoeven (piano), Colin Webster (flute, alto sax), Dirk Serries (accordeon, acoustic guitar), Benedict Taylor (viola) and Graham Dunning (snaredrum and objects).