Reich, Leonin, and Perotin in LA, December 17

Source: M.E.C.

Steve Reich – COME OUT (1966)
​Léonin – VIDERUNT OMNES (ca. 12th century)
Pérotin – VIDERUNT OMNES (ca. 12th/13th century)
Steve Reich – MUSIC FOR 18 MUSICIANS (1974-76)

MEC Early Music Ensemble
ECHOI Ensemble
Jonathan Hepfer, project director​

​In one of Reich’s later works, Proverb, the composer sets to music Wittgenstein’s dictum “how small a thought it takes to fill a whole life!” It is this obsession with transforming the simple into the complex that links these composers in spite of nearly eight centuries of historical distance.

Despite the myriad surface differences in these respective works, we hope to show that there is something common deeply embedded in their DNA. Experiencing an art form across a span of several centuries demonstrates how it is both constantly evolving and timeless. This concert gives a new meaning to the phrase “music as a gradual process.” ​​