Moving Noises Festival 2019

Source: MOVING NOISES. Takes place this February in Bochum-Zentrum, Germany. Rough translation follows.

SATURDAY 02.02.2019 | 14:00 – 22:00

The Canadian duo from Berlin convinces with a mixture of Drone, Doom, Shoegaze and Ambient. Aidan Baker (guitar) and Leah Buckareff (bass) create massive soundscapes with their instruments, which sometimes quietly loudly draw the audience into their spell. The band now has a three-digit discography and that without repeating itself. Even at the festival, they are not newbies, but also offer here again and again surprising adapted to the church versions of their tracks.

Two years ago, Scatterwound made their debut at the Moving Noises Festival, and now comes the next gathering of Ambient Drone Legends N and Dirk Serries. While N has brought his massive ambient sound to ever new levels for years, Dirk Serries has depicted his musical development in various incarnations (Fear Falls Burning, Microphonics, VidnaObmana). The union as Scatterwound is a rough, based on improvisations coming together of two friends. And who searches the band on the Internet, they will not find. Intention?

N + [BOLT]
Another collaboration of N is the coming together with the two bassists of [BOLT], who have been acting as trio since last year and will be complemented by drums by Maik (ex Kodiak). In 2019, the four musicians play for the first time as a quartet in the Christuskirche. As with all performances of the band, a very special set is expected, in which a guitar, two basses and drums / percussion enter into a very special symbiosis.

The British band A-Sun Amissa is the long-standing project of Richard Knox, the founder of the British label Gizeh Records. The band has gone through various developments over the years and is changing sound aesthetically and occupation technically constantly. The sound of the band is always experimental at the core, but at the same time also very accessible and stylistically, the band wanders through different directions from modern classic to jazzy ambient.

As a drummer, the Swedish drummer from Norway will not be bored, as he is also busy at Motorpsycho, Yodok III, The Void of Expansion, Sunswitch and Werl and probably not busy. With us he shows his quieter, fragile side and delivers with a solo cymbal set certainly a very special moment at the festival.

This part-time trio should offer a special sound experience, because it brings together three very talented artists. Aidan Baker (guitar) and Tomas Järmyr (drums) have been playing as a duo for two years and sound like a six-piece band. The special guest Gareth Davis (clarinet) adds yet another sound element that may make the band sound more jazzy. Who knows, also a premiere for us.

The Greek Phil Gardelis offers an extraordinary sound experience with his mixture of ambient and jazz. Zenjungle builds ambient walls with the saxophone and gives the instrument, which not everyone likes, a new sound look. Intimate, fragile but also full of hope, the sounds build up and are complemented by field recordings.

The Italian Paolo Monti builds up elongated, slow sound fields by playing his guitar with a cello bow and adding effects to it. The result is a one-man orchestra, which presents melancholic beautiful soundscape, fragile and powerful at the same time. And the church will add some more effects here if the sounds, as we promised in the festival title, wander through the room.

Under the project name TONUS musicians from different fields meet regularly to play together acoustic ambient and jazz. Project initiator Dirk Serries opens the festival together with his wife Martina Verhoeven, so that we start the day with soft tones and unplugged and then get further and further into the evening.

A Midira Records artist has also been signed for the artwork. The Dane øjeRum works with collages in music and the visual arts, creating soundscapes and images that are full of little details that need to be explored. The collage of the festival poster comes from the “Nothing” series and is a fitting addition to the music of the festival.