To Save or not to Save Chicago’s Hideout

Source: Chicago Tribune.

What’s all this fuss about saving the Hideout? It’s the little bar that’s standing its ground amid a rising $5 billion tide of corporate buildings and music venues that are supposed to transform Lincoln Yards, a once largely overlooked pocket of land in Chicago’s North Branch industrial corridor, a few blocks east of the Kennedy Expressway. Development projects of this scale typically have little use for Prohibition-era taverns that have been repurposed as small-scale music venues.

For most of the last century, Chicago has been home to fiercely independent labels and clubs outside the network of multinationals that dominate the music and concert industries. The city owes much of its cultural diversity and richness to these small businesses. Yet it’s precisely because they operate outside the big corporate business template that recent Chicago administrations envision as key to the city’s future, that they are viewed as expendable.