Coming to Detroit

Source: Trinosophes.

Saturday, Nov. 24: The Bridge (France/Chicago) featuring Jason Stein (bass clarinet), Josh Berman (coronet), Didier Petit (cello) and Edward Perraud (percussion)

Since 2013, The Bridge has organized 24 tours, all of them exploratory journeys, allowing 70 French and North-American musicians who are part of the network, as well as dozens of others who collaborated with them, to perform in many ways on both sides of the Atlantic, averaging about 100 events a year.

For this iteration, percussionist Edward Perraud and cellist Didier Petit have hooked up with outstanding Chicago players Josh Berman (coronet) and Jason Stein (bass clarinet), who have both been featured in our series over the years. It’s a night of new chamber music from some of the leading improvisers on both sides of the Atlantic. The group is like a microcosm of the now-well-established intersection between European and American contemporary music that will thrill fans of both avant-garde compositions and non-idiomatic improvisation. Doors at 8 pm; $12 general admission, $20 reserved seating.


12/1: Chris Tysh book launch with Marcus Elliot Trio
12/8: Ron English
12/13: Doug Hammond solo!
12/15: Doug Hammond! With John Dana, Rod Williams and Marcus Elliot