Reviews You May Have Missed – October 2018

Last month we published a number of original reviews of some very interesting music. Check out the list below.

5049 Podcast Episode 183 – Jon Irabagon Part II 

Source: 5049 Records.

For episode 183 one of my favorite cats, Jon Irabagon, returns to the run the voodoo down. Increasingly prolific and tireless in his pursuit of creative expression, Irabagon is one of the most colorful and hardest working dudes around. He’s a recent father and just released yet another recording of adventurous sounds. For this talk, we cover a lot of ground from making records to the Me Too movement, jazz elder culture to sustaining long standing musical relationships. A great talk with a great cat.

Heather Leigh Profiled

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

“You’re the last romantic in this world, it’s true / Come on dance with me drunkenly, feel my hips sway,” Heather Leigh incants on her new LP Throne’s final song “Days Without You,” nodding to the dissolution of romanticism, while simultaneously invoking its power. One part is a dirge, the other a quickening. Few artists manage to reckon the ecstatic joy of being alive in the world with the pain it doles out, but Leigh’s a seasoned pro; she’s been releasing music since the early 2000s. She’s taken part in noise, vocal acrobatics, slide guitar improvisation (see her duo with free jazz luminary Peter Brötzmann), and—with Throne‘s release—experimental chamber pop. Her previous solo full-length, I Abused Animal, was a stark, tense musing on survival and damage created entirely from her pedal steel guitar and voice. The difference between that record and Throne is massive. Where I Abused Animal in some ways felt like a warning, Throne is sirenic, enthralling—catchy and orchestral.



November 4, 2018
Sarah Bernstein Solo, 440 Gallery
Sarah Bernstein

November 1, 2018
Felipe Lara: Metafagote, ISSUE Project Room
Rebekah Heller

November 1, 2018
Wadada Leo Smith: Red Autumn Gold, ISSUE Project Room
Wadada Leo Smith Nate Wooley

November 1, 2018
Annea Lockwood: Becoming Air, ISSUE Project Room
Nate Wooley

November 1, 2018
Ashley Fure: Library on Lightning, ISSUE Project Room
Rebekah Heller Brandon Lopez Nate Wooley

Manticore Records to Release Life Size by John Greaves 

Source: Manticore Records.

John Greaves led the European avant-garde as a founder member of Henry Cow with Fred Frith and Lindsay Cooper, then his bass was the driving force in bands like National Health and Love Of Life Orchestra. He played with Brian Eno, Robert Wyatt, Mike Oldfield, Michael Nyman, Penguin Café Orchestra, Carla Bley and Michael Mantler just to mention a few. In recent years he has produced albums for the French classical label Harmonia Mundi for Radio France of composition upon words of Paul Verlaine and for Dark Companion a precious critically acclaimed live album called “Piacenza”. He appears on the new Sony relate of Gabrie Fauré songs “Ici-bas”. His songwriting partnership with Slapp Happy’s Peter Blegvad gave birth to gems like “Bad Alchemy”, “How Beautiful You Are “ and “The Song”.

On his new album “Life Size” he shares the vocals with a remarkable cast. Three fabulous, uniquely different female voices: Valérie Gabail, Annie Barbazza, Himiko Paganotti and Greaves himself sing a collection of songs in French, English and Italian, moving from pure pop thru Debussy-esque Apollinaire to sensual spoken-word; there’s even a song by Robert Wyatt, an old friend from way back when. The line-up of musicians is equally stellar: Olivier Mellano and Jakko Jakksyk (from King Crimson) on guitars, Vincent Courtois on cello, Zeena Parkins on harp, Matthieu Rabaté on drums. “Life Size” features new compositions and the revisiting of old ones into a new, breathtaking contemporary and classical style, featuring some of the most acclaimed international musicians. Treat yourself to a very special musical journey.

John Greaves: voice, bass guitar piano, sequences, string arrangements
Annie Barbazza: voice (3,6,7,11) piano (11), acoustic guitar (3)
Valérie Gabail: voice (1, 10)
Himiko Paganotti: voice (8)
Vincent Courtois: cello
Matthieu Rabaté: drums
Olivier Mellano: guitar (1,2,6,8)
Sophia Domancich: treated piano (8)
Zeena Parkins: harp (10)
Jakko Jakszyk: electric guitar (4)
Lino Capra Vaccina: piano, gongs, vibes, cymbals, percussion (12)
Camillo Mozzoni: oboe
Max Marchini: sub aquatic electric guitar (3)
Jordi Tagliaferri: vibes (2,10), congas (7)
Irene Barbieri: violins (1,7)
Diego Romani: violas (1,7)
The Warm Morning Brothers: bkg. vocals (3)