Driff Records New Releases

Source: Driff Records.

Jorrit Dijkstra – alto sax, lyricon, analog electronics
Benoît Delbecq – prepared piano, bass synth
John Hollenbeck – drums, percussion

Dijkstra and Hollenbeck have been collaborating as a duo since the mid-nineties. Recorded as a follow-up on their well-received album Sequence (Trytone Records, 2005), Linger adds French prepared piano master Benoît Delbecq to the mix. Dijkstra and Delbecq met at the Banff Jazz Workshop in 1990 and have collaborated occasionally over the years. As on Sequence, the same process of instant composition was used in the studio: to establish some textures and atmospheres first, then record a few takes per texture, and choose the best takes afterwards without further editing. The titles of the ten tracks all reflect movement of some sort, represented by the multi-layered rhythms, the dense microtonal textures, and the lyrical, lingering melodic interactions of Dijkstra and Delbecq. Delbecq’s mumbling bass synth lines, Dijkstra’s analog synth and processed saxophone sounds, and Hollenbeck’s hard-hitting grooves and almost electronic-sounding percussions give the album a unique sound that defies categories.

Pandelis Karayorgis, piano
Nate McBride, bass
Luther Gray, drums

Pools brings together three long-time musical collaborators into a new trio. Karayorgis has worked in other piano trios with McBride (with Randy Peterson and Curt Newton) and Gray (with Jef Charland) before, but here they play off of an expanded conception of restrained intensity and three-way dialogue that adds a new chapter to this thread. The three have forged a strong musical bond over the years by playing together in many different formations and are currently playing frequently as the rhythm section of the quintet Cutout (along with trombonist Jeb Bishop and saxophonist Jorrit Dijkstra). For this set, made in July 2018 during an informal house recording session, they get a chance to stretch out as a trio, playing mostly original pieces by Karayorgis along with a free improvisation and a blues.

Pandelis Karayorgis, piano
Damon Smith, bass
Eric Rosenthal, drums

Cliff explores density, pulse and texture in four extended trio improvisations. Karayorgis and Rosenthal share a long musical relationship dating back to the early nineties. For this session they are joined by bassist Damon Smith who has recently relocated to the Boston area and has played with both several times over the past couple of years. This CD captures their first encounter as a trio in June 2018 during an informal house recording session.