San Francisco Scene: October 26 – November 2, 2018

Source: Bay Improviser.

Friday, October 26

Fri 10/26 7:00 PM Internet Archive [300 Funston Ave San Francisco]
WALL – Hosted by Soundwave
Curated by Tanya Gayer with performances by XUXA SANTAMARIA duo Sofía Córdova and Matt Gonzalez

Fri 10/26 8:00 PM Temescal Arts Center [511 48th Street Oakland]
Just Visiting (X-Ray Vision): A new experimental chamber opera from composer Brett Carson

Fri 10/26 8:00 PM Mills College Littlefield Concert Hall [5000 MacArthur Blvd Oakland]
IMPROVISATION CONCERT – The Schimscheimer Family Trio and duo B.: Lisa Mezzacappa + Jason Levis

Saturday, October 27

Sat 10/27 11:00 AM Bird & Beckett Books and Records [653 Chenery St. SF]
Andre Custodio is hosting a series of performances of textured sound utilizing electronics and other instruments for a bookstore environment. Performing solo for most of these Saturdays, but will occasionally invite others to fill-in.

Sat 10/27 3:00 PM Maybeck Studio for the Performing Arts [1537 Euclid Ave. Berkeley]
Miro Sprague at the Maybeck

Sat 10/27 4:00 PM Temescal Arts Center [511 48th Street Oakland]
Just Visiting (X-Ray Vision): A new experimental chamber opera from composer Brett Carson

Sat 10/27 8:00 PM Temescal Arts Center [511 48th Street Oakland]
Just Visiting (X-Ray Vision): A new experimental chamber opera from composer Brett Carson

Sat 10/27 8:00 PM Center for New Music [55 Taylor St SF]
Early Music Meets New: Liaison Ensemble + Helia Music Collective

Sat 10/27 8:00 PM The Back Room [1984 Bonita Ave Berkeley]
Sheldon Brown Group is celebrating the upcoming release of their new CD, Blood of the Air, with this special pre-Halloween concert.
The music of Blood of the Air is by turns passionate and grooving, dark and moody, and playfully reflective. Sheldon Brown Group consists of some of the Bay Area’s most distinctive and accomplished jazz and new music performers.
This show features:
Sheldon Brown – Soprano, Alto, and Tenor Saxophones, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet
Darren Johnston – Trumpet
Lorin Benedict – Voice
Andrew Joron – Theremin
John Finkbeiner – Guitar
Jonathan Alford – Piano
Dan Zemelman – Piano
Michael Wilcox – Bass
Alan Hall – Drums

Sat 10/27 8:00 PM CNMAT [1750 Arch Street Berkeley]
Sideband’s 2018 Bay Area tour will feature favorite laptop ensemble repertoire pieces alongside world premieres of new works, using voice-on-voice vocoders, video controllers, wireless networking, graphic and text scores, and more. Pieces composed, coded, and performed by Lainie Fefferman, Anne Hege, Daniel Iglesia, Jascha Narveson, and Jeff Snyder.

Sunday, October 28

Sun 10/28 4:00 PM Chez Hanny [1300 Silver Avenue SF]
Scott Amendola 3-in-1 at Chez Hanny
Scott Amendola (drums), Raffi Garabedian (sax), Zachary Ostroff (bass)

Sun 10/28 5:00 PM Piedmont Center for the Arts [801 Magnolia Ave Piedmont, CA 94611]
Del Sol String Quartet – Berkeley Symphony Chamber Series (Berkeley, CA)

Sun 10/28 7:00 PM Institute Of advanced Uncertainty [296 Ivy Street San Francisco]
Pink Sea Thrift – LP release listening party
vinyl release of “Pink Sea Thrift” on fo’c’sle records, an album by Ellen Fullman, David Gamper and special guest Stuart Dempster

Sun 10/28 7:00 PM Studio Grand [3234 Grand Ave, Oakland]
Michael Coleman’s Resort Music Suite + Andrew Conklin: Song Collector

Sun 10/28 8:00 PM Center for New Music [55 Taylor St SF]
Mari Kawamura plays Bordeau, Vine, Hsieh, and Couperin

Monday, October 29

Mon 10/29 7:30 PM Mills College Ensemble Room [5000 MacArthur Blvd Oakland]
SIDEBAND is an electroacoustic ensemble, comprised of composer-performers dedicated to exploring the potential of the laptop orchestra. Sideband’s Songlines performance will feature existing repertoire from their first album, the Sideband Chronicles, alongside premieres of new works using nontraditional controllers, wireless networking, graphic and text scores, video, and more.

Tuesday, October 30

Tue 10/30 7:30 PM California Jazz Conservatory [2087 Addison Street Berkeley]
Jon Arkin + Ben Goldberg
Songs for Clarinet, Drums, and Laptop

Thursday, November 1

Thu 11/01 7:30 PM CCRMA [660 Lomita Dr, Stanford, CA 94305]
Sideband presents a concert of electracoustic works for laptop ensemble. Sideband performers: Lainie Feffermen, Anne Hege, Daniel Iglesia, Jascha Narveson, Jeff Snyder, Curtis Ullerich (guest).
This event is part of the Artful Design Manifestival.

Thu 11/01 8:00 PM Luggage Store Creative Music Series [1007 Market Street SF]
8:00 pm Kyle Motl – double bass
9:00 pm Brown/Soo-yeon
Chris Brown – electronics, Soo-yeon Lyuh – haegeum

Friday, November 2
Fri 11/02 12:30 PM CNMAT [1750 Arch Street Berkeley]

Fri 11/02 7:00 PM SFJAZZ Center [201 Franklin Street (at Fell) SF CA]
Myra Melford’S SNOWY EGRET, Shows at 7:00pm & 8:30pm
A pianist, composer, educator and bandleader who has built and documented a succession of celebrated ensembles, Myra Melford has set her most ambitious projects on the all-star quintet known as Snowy Egret. Featuring some of jazz’s most distinctive and melodically inventive improvisers, the group premiered her enthralling 2013 multimedia production inspired by Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano alternative history of the Americas Language of Dreams at YBCA, and followed up with an eponymous debut album on Enja named by many jazz critics as one of 2015’s best releases.

Fri 11/02 8:00 PM California Jazz Conservatory [2087 Addison Street Berkeley]
Bassist, composer and bandleader Lisa Mezzacappa premieres a new suite of music for jazz sextet, inspired by Italo Calvino’s Cosmicomics stories on the origins of the universe, and the invisible forces at work in the cosmos.
Mezzacappa is joined by her ensemble, the Lisa Mezzacappa Six, which features:
tenor saxophonist Aaron Bennett,
guitarist John Finkbeiner,
vibraphonist Mark Clifford,
electronic musician, Tim Perkis, and
drummer Jordan Glenn.

Fri 11/02 8:00 PM Center for New Music [55 Taylor St SF]
OboeTronics II, with Glenda Bates and Brandon Labadie

Driff Records New Releases

Source: Driff Records.

Jorrit Dijkstra – alto sax, lyricon, analog electronics
Benoît Delbecq – prepared piano, bass synth
John Hollenbeck – drums, percussion

Dijkstra and Hollenbeck have been collaborating as a duo since the mid-nineties. Recorded as a follow-up on their well-received album Sequence (Trytone Records, 2005), Linger adds French prepared piano master Benoît Delbecq to the mix. Dijkstra and Delbecq met at the Banff Jazz Workshop in 1990 and have collaborated occasionally over the years. As on Sequence, the same process of instant composition was used in the studio: to establish some textures and atmospheres first, then record a few takes per texture, and choose the best takes afterwards without further editing. The titles of the ten tracks all reflect movement of some sort, represented by the multi-layered rhythms, the dense microtonal textures, and the lyrical, lingering melodic interactions of Dijkstra and Delbecq. Delbecq’s mumbling bass synth lines, Dijkstra’s analog synth and processed saxophone sounds, and Hollenbeck’s hard-hitting grooves and almost electronic-sounding percussions give the album a unique sound that defies categories.

Pandelis Karayorgis, piano
Nate McBride, bass
Luther Gray, drums

Pools brings together three long-time musical collaborators into a new trio. Karayorgis has worked in other piano trios with McBride (with Randy Peterson and Curt Newton) and Gray (with Jef Charland) before, but here they play off of an expanded conception of restrained intensity and three-way dialogue that adds a new chapter to this thread. The three have forged a strong musical bond over the years by playing together in many different formations and are currently playing frequently as the rhythm section of the quintet Cutout (along with trombonist Jeb Bishop and saxophonist Jorrit Dijkstra). For this set, made in July 2018 during an informal house recording session, they get a chance to stretch out as a trio, playing mostly original pieces by Karayorgis along with a free improvisation and a blues.

Pandelis Karayorgis, piano
Damon Smith, bass
Eric Rosenthal, drums

Cliff explores density, pulse and texture in four extended trio improvisations. Karayorgis and Rosenthal share a long musical relationship dating back to the early nineties. For this session they are joined by bassist Damon Smith who has recently relocated to the Boston area and has played with both several times over the past couple of years. This CD captures their first encounter as a trio in June 2018 during an informal house recording session.

Music and More Reviews

Source: Music and More.

Jacob Sacks – Fishes (Clean Feed, 2018)

Hearts and Minds – Electroradiance (Astral Spirits, 2018)

Chris Lightcap – Superette (Royal Potato Family, 2018)

Endangered Blood – Don’t Freak Out (Skirl Records, 2018)

Dave Sewelson – Music for a Free World (FMR Records, 2018)

John McLaughlin and Jimmy Herring – Live in San Francisco (Abstract Logix, 2018)

Marc Ribot – Songs Of Resistance 1942 – 2018 (Anti, 2018)

Heterodyne / Tristan Welch / Místochord November 3 in Baltimore

Source: November 3 at Function.

Function Presents: Heterodyne/Tristan Welch/Místochord
When: Saturday, November 3, 2018 at 8 PM – 10:30 PM
Where: Function Coworking Community (; 4709 Harford Rd, Baltimore, Maryland 21214(
How much: $5 to $10 sliding scale donation

Heterodyne ( is an improvisational project; its co-founders and core performers are Maria Shesiuk (Moog and processed vocalizations) and T. A. Zook (NS Design Omni Bass, strung as a basscello). Although it is essentially a duo, when complex schedules permit, it performs with Patrick Whitehead on quarter-tone flügelhorn and trumpet; Bob Boilen on ARP synthesizer; Doug Kallmeyer on bass and synthesizer; Jerry Busher on drums; Sarah Hughes on sax; Leah Gage on drums; Sam Lohman on drums; Amanda Huron on drums; and Dan Gutstein, spoken word.

Tristan Welch ( is a musician/artist/activist based in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area that focuses on creating soundscapes via electric guitar. Over the years Tristan has become fascinated with the idea of minimalism, ambience and atmosphere. In June 2016 he released a Cassette E.P. titled Washington D.C. Side 1 titled D and Side 2 titled C. Each side focuses on one primary note (D and C) – layering these notes in different forms to create a listenable texture. After performing locally Tristan teamed up with an established saxophone player, Ron Oshima. In an effort to document and establish a resistance to the current social and political climate – they went into the studio together on Election Day 2016 (after voting in the morning) to record a three song album. The record is titled God Bless America and the title reflects all three songs. God is played in the key of G, Bless is played in B and America in A. In a press release they made it clear “We are not nationalists and we can all use a little help”. Recent performances have been focused on new songs that are slated for a 2019 release by Verses Records titled 40 Hours. The focus of the record being a mission to ‘Abolish Work’.

Místochord ( (Bill Crandall;

Místochord My music projects are produced under the moniker Místochord. Basically a band name, except it’s me (and various collaborators). The debut album is New World Voyage. Místochord LLC is the business entity encompassing all of my creative endeavors and professional services: photography, music, writing, etc.For the name I tried to take a step back and figure out what it is that unifies my most personal work. It quickly dawned on me it’s almost always about a response to place. A sensitivity to environment, and the desire to explore and understand a neighborhood, a city, a country, a region. Or an inner space. I needed a word to evoke this but it didn’t exist, so I created one.místochord (mee-stoh-kord): n. A feeling of resonance, harmony, or connection with a particular place or space. From Czech místo (place) and English chord. Literally “place-chord”. Related to the Latin genius loci, the atmosphere or spirit of a place, but specifically referring to the way someone responds to that spirit.

The Bridge 2nd Cycle

Source: The Bridge.

Since 2013, The Bridge has organized 24 tours, all of them exploratory journeys, allowing 70 French and North-American musicians who are part of the network, as well as dozens of others who collaborated with them, to perform in many ways on both sides of the Atlantic, averaging about 100 events a year.

In 2019, driven by the impact of its first 6 years of activity, The Bridge will launch a second cycle with 70 new French and North-American musicians in 16 new ensembles, who will benefit from a network and a system that have now demonstrated their relevance.

TB #2.1
Rob Frye
JayVe Montgomery
Christiane Bopp
Simon Sieger
Dan Bitney

TB #2.2
Mai Sugimoto
Raymond Boni
Kent Kessler
Paul Rogers

TB #2.3
Marvin Tate
Erwan Keravec
Gerrit Hatcher
Lia Kohl
Gaspar Claus

TB #2.4
Damon Locks
Morgane Carnet
Macie Stewart
Jozef Dumoulin
Fanny Lasfargues

TB #2.5
Ben Lamar Gay
Sam Pluta
Sophie Agnel
Pascal Niggenkemper

TB #2.6
Quentin Biardeau
Corey Wilkes
Justin Dillard
Etienne Ziemniak

TB #2.7
Isaiah Collier
Jaimie Branch
Rafaelle Rinaudo
Gilles Coronado
Tim Daisy

TB #2.8
Rajiv Halim
Florian Nastorg
Yoram Rosilio
Mikel Patrick Avery

TB #2.9
Sakina Abdou
Julien Pontvianne
Ugochi Nwaogwugwu
Coco Elysses
Julien Chamla

TB #2.10
Nick Mazzarella
Tim Stine
Céline Rivoal
Katie Ernst
Sylvain Lemêtre

TB #2.11
Jean-Brice Godet
Greg Ward
Hélène Labarrière
Isaiah Spencer

TB #2.12
Magic Malik
Angel Bat Dawid
Richard Comte
Nick Macri
Toma Gouband

TB #2.13
Jeff Albert
Irvin Pierce
Paul Wacrenier
Christian Dillingham
Nicolas Pointard

TB #2.14
Tim Haldeman
Fidel Fourneyron
Antonin Rayon
Thibault Cellier
Marcus Evans

TB 2.15
Bertrand Denzler
Basile Naudet
Junius Paul
Vincent Davis
Will Guthrie

TB #2.16
Peter Maunu
Simon Henocq
Luca Ventimiglia
Julian Kirshner