Exploring The Surrealistic Hellscapes Of Industrial Noise Impresario Puce Mary 

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

“I’m tortured by the feeling of drowning. Under you, under society, politics, the decay of nature, my lack of interest, and I feel desperate,” Frederikke Hoffmeier intones with quiet deliberation on “Red Desert,” on her new album The Drought. This sense of claustrophobia and existential uneasiness pervades the music she makes as Puce Mary.

As a veteran of the Copenhagen underground, Hoffmeier has developed an approach to noise and industrial music that’s more enveloping than bellicose, repurposing the tropes of those combative styles into cerebral explorations of alienation, desire, and control. She rarely indulges in full-fledged sonic assaults, instead using layered dissonance and amorphic rhythmic patterns to ratchet up tension to extreme levels. On The Drought, her first album for PAN, Hoffmeier uses an expansive set of sound sources, with an increased focus on field recordings, to create surreal environments that resemble sonic manifestations of anxiety and distress.