The Strange World Of… Current 93

Source: The Quietus.

The world of Current 93 is a darkly splendid one. At its centre is David Michael Bunting, who’s better known by his Genesis P-Orridge given name, David Tibet. After four decades as the inner cog of the project, Tibet’s perverse vernacular has cemented him as one of the great unsung English poets. His lyrics are decadent and often esoteric, but at their core these songs are both beautiful and tragic. He writes words that are informed as much by gnostic poetry as the love and loss of his own pet cats.

Although born in Malaysia, Tibet’s music is very English and is primarily concerned with a queering of this supposedly idyllic landscape. In the world of Current 93, purity is spoiled by the pouring of blood and the presence of demons, in a sense which is both literal and metaphorical. In short they’re one of the most challenging groups of the modern world, with songs and albums densely littered with provocative allusions and secrets.