All About Jazz Reviews

Source: All About Jazz.

Jonathan Finlayson
3 Times Round (Pi Recordings)

Joris Teepe
In The Spirit Of Rashied Ali (Jazz Tribes)

Dave Holland
Uncharted Territories (Dare2 Records)

Jakob Bro
Bay of Rainbows (ECM Records)

Hamid Drake / Ralph M. Jones / Adam Rudolph
Karuna (Meta Records)

Carol Liebowitz/Birgitta Frick
Malita-Malika (Leo Records)

Markus Reuter Featuring Sonar And Tobias Reber
Falling for Ascension (Ronin Rhythm Records)

Dystil (Clean Feed Records)

Dave Ballou & BeepHonk
The Windup (Clean Feed Records)

Thomas Heberer / Yoni Kretzmer / Christian Weber
Big (OutNow Recordings)

Colosseum II
War Dance (Esoteric Recordings)