The Compositional Journey of Tyshawn Sorey 

Source: The Brooklyn Rail.

Sorey has a new album out his month on Firehouse 12, Pillars, a three-CD set of electro-acoustic music for an ensemble that includes Sorey himself conducting and playing percussion and improvising new music players Stephen Haynes (trumpet), Ben Gerstein (trombone), Todd Neufeld (guitars), Joe Morris (electric guitar, double-bass), Carl Testa (double-bass), Mark Helias (double-bass) and Zach Rowden (double-bass). Pillars is a further extension of Sorey’s compositions—it’s driven from deep, internal imperatives, the music taking shape out of personal exploration and discovery, rather than as a response to existing structures, forms, and even styles. This is so even with the strong sound of (non-jazz) free improvisation—there are some faint echoes of the Art Ensemble of Chicago, but those sound less like Sorey’s design than the influence that the earlier group has had on the individual musicians performing Pillars.