Seattle Scene: October 5-12, 2018

From Seattle’s Wayward Music Series:


Chapel Performance Space at Good Shepherd Center

4th Floor, 4649 Sunnyside Ave. N, Seattle 98103 (corner N 50th St. in Wallingford)

Every month, Nonsequitur and a community of like-minded presenters and artists offer ten concerts of adventurous music in an informal yet respectful all-ages setting: contemporary classical, free improvisation, the outer limits of jazz, electronic music, microtonal/new instruments, sound art, and other extraordinary sonic experiences.

Ana Cervantes: Canto de la Monarca
Fri. Oct. 5, 8 PM; $5 – $15 at the door

Based in Guanajuato, Mexico, pianist Ana Cervantes has inspired, commissioned and been the guiding force for major collections of new piano music from the most eminent living composers of the Americas and Europe. For Canto de la Monarca: Mujeres en México she asked 16 composers of six countries for a piece inspired by women who had transcendental roles in Mexican history. Presented by Nonsequitur.

Tom Baker: Rhizomatics, Session 1
Sat. Oct. 6, 8 PM; $5 – $15 at the door

New sounds and images connected by unseen roots deep within the darkness. Two sets:
1. Tom Baker (guitar, theremin, electronics) with intermedia and moving-image artist Bob Campbell
2. Matrio = James Falzone (clarinet), Greg Campbell (drums), Ha-Yang Kim (cello)

MON. 10/8 – Earshot Jazz Festival presents pianist Helen Sung

WED. 10/10 – Earshot Jazz Festival presents Seattle composer Amy Denio

THU. 10/11 – Earshot Jazz Festival presents Travis LaPlante & Gerald Cleaver + Wayne Horvitz’ Snowghost Trio

FRI. 10/12 – Earshot Jazz Festival presents Spanish pianist/vibraphonist/hammer dulcimerist Marina Albero

Exclusive Pre-Release Streaming of Tasukete from Gridfailure and Megalophobe

New York-based solo experimental outfits GRIDFAILURE and MEGALOPHOBE have recoalesced to dispatch their second fully collaborative album, Tasukete. The album will be released via Nefarious Industries in early October.

Set for release less than a year-and-a-half after GRIDFAILURE and MEGALOPHOBE’s first joint album, Dendritic, the Tasukete record was another unplanned collaborative album from the two outfits. During recording sessions for a different impending collaboration, some of the material became too schizophrenic for the concept and was quickly corralled into a separate wing of the testing facility. These harvested accidents were reclassified under Tasukete – Japanese for “help me” – as seen in the language lab in the movie The Exorcist. While Dendritic bore spacious, nature-oriented movements flooded with field recordings, Tasukete is on the deranged opposite end of the spectrum; an album ripe with confusion, unhinged with contorted visions, and explosive self-immolation through strenuous psychosis, as the two artists treat themselves as self-crash-test dummies strapped into their own torqued contraptions.

Tasukete was self-recorded, mixed, and mastered, created in several sessions at MEGALOPHOBE’s Benjamin Levitt’s Forked Audio in Brooklyn and GRIDFAILURE’s David Brenner’s The Compound in Rockland County. Employing a barrage of random recording tactics, eight tracks ranging from two to nine minutes in length are created through the abuse of electric and acoustic guitars, bass, drums, keys, synth, accordion, harmonica, and various random instruments, as well as a barrage of vocal styles, all generally wired with enough effect to dam the Hudson. Levitt’s brother Rob Levitt performs on several of the tracks, and the cover art was handled by Paul Tierman and Brenner.

Nefarious Industries will release Tasukete on digital and limited CD on October 5th; find preorders at the label shop HERE and via GRIDFAILURE’s Bandcamp HERE and MEGALOPHOBE’s Bandcamp HERE.

Watch for additional audio previews, videos, and more to be issued in the weeks ahead.

GRIDFAILURE has several new solo and various collaborative titles on the verge of completion and new shows being booked for the summer months. MEGALOPHOBE is constructing new material and will morph to a live setting in the coming months. Collaborative Tasukete sets and crossover live actions with both artists should be expected.

Tasukete Track Listing:
1. Dear Fuckhead
2. Tension Benders
3. Tasukete
4. Unnamed Tempomatic
5. Agoraphobic Claustrophobia
6. Play Me A Jig Through The Corpse Of A Cyborg
7. Panic Day
8. Live Broadcast Seppuku

The connections between these two rogue units run essentially to the core of both. Shortly after the genesis of GRIDFAILURE in 2016, creator David Brenner and friend Benjamin Levitt hooked up a random recording session, which spawned not only contributions from Levitt to several GRIDFAILURE releases, it also cemented MEGALOPHOBE as an entity, and led to the first collaborative album, Dendritic, self-released in April 2017. MEGALOPHOBE has since released its eponymous debut EP which included contributions from Brenner, GRIDFAILURE has morphed into a live entity which includes Levitt, and the two have been constantly at work on a plethora of new collaborative material.

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The Free Jazz Collective Reviews

Source: The Free Jazz Collective.

Lars Fiil – Frit Fald 11 (Fiil Free Records, 2018)

Pelle Westlin, Anton Jonsson – Westlin/Jonsson (Grodor & Fåglar, 2018) ***½

New music for bassoon

Polyorchard, part II

Polyorchard, part I

A Short Introduction to Swiss Reedist Christoph Erb

Spring Heel Jack and Wadada Leo Smith with Pat Thomas and Steve Noble – Hackney Road (Treader, 2018) ****½

Soup & Sound House Concerts in Brooklyn

Source: Soup & Sound.

A cooperative partnership between the Jazztopad Festival (Wrocław) and Continuum Culture & Arts (Brooklyn) launches this week (October 5 & 6) in Brooklyn via two Soup & Sound house concerts featuring five Polish musicians—Wacław Zimpel, Piotr Orzechowski aka “Pianohooligan”, Kuba Więcek, Michał Baranski, Łukasz Żyta—and NY guests Kirk Knuffke, Ned Rothenberg, and others tba.

The Soup & Sound performances bring together all the Polish performers to improvise with various guests in the intimate setting of a Brooklyn home, with food (and soup). These events are part of the Jazztopad Festival New York 2018 which takes place in four venues from October 4 to 7: Dizzy’s, Joe’s Pub, the Jazz Gallery, and Soup & Sound. They also represent the 111 th and 112 th performances in Soup & Sounds ongoing series presenting world-class musicians (and from time to time writers, dancers, visual artists) in Brooklyn.

For more info:

Friday, Oct 5, 7:30 pm—Polish musicians + Kirk Knuffke and others tba
Saturday, Oct 6, 1:00 pm—Polish musicians + Ned Rothenberg and others tba

Other Fall Soup & Sounds…
Nov. 3—String Trio of New York + Alejandro Florez/Ricardo Gallo
Dec. 3—Angelica Sanchez with Ramón Lopez (Spain) and Omar Tamez (México)

Soup & Sound House Concert Series
BYOB (feel free to bring something to share)
$20 suggested donation includes soup (while it lasts!)
292 Lefferts Ave., Brooklyn, NY, USA
(b/n Nostrand & Rogers–6 th house from Nostrand)
2/5 to Sterling St. (1 minute walk)
B/Q to Prospect Park (10 minute walk)

Soup & Sound is a program of Continuum Culture & Arts, Inc., a non-profit 501(C)(3) organization.

Free Jazz Documentary Fire Music Reviewed

Source: Rolling Stone.

For some, Ken Burns’ 2001 PBS series Jazz was a definitive, open-and-shut take on its subject, as comprehensive a portrait of the genre as one could hope for. For others, the series was a major slight. As Tom Surgal, director of the new doc Fire Music put it in a 2015 interview, Burns’ 10-part program “really got into pretty thoroughly depicting the entire history of the jazz continuum and virtually ignored free jazz altogether.” Fire Music, which screens Monday night at the New York Film Festival, is his feature-length corrective.

John Cage in the Hands of Avant-Garde Rockers 

Source: Los Angeles Times.

The biggest draw Friday night was former Sonic Youth guitarist Thurston Moore. Joining him were David Toop, once in Flying Lizards and the author of stimulating books on hip-hop and various forms of experimental noise; electronic musician Jon Leidecker, an electronic musician better known as Wobbly and for his work with the multimedia collective Negativland; and Gino Robair, a pianist, composer and noted record producer.