Nick Didkovsky Interview

Source: a Jazz Noise.

Nick Didkovsky is approximately one-third of Eris 136199, with Han-earl Park and Catherine Sikora. The new, eponymous Eris 136199 album is out on 9th October, pre-ordering now on Bandcamp and it’s been the catalyst for a trio of 7Qs interviews (Catherine Sikora was posted last week; an updated Park will be out next…) Anyway, gorgeous melée of unpredictable delight Eris 136199 may be, there’s plenty else to love in Didkovsky’s other works. Not least “Phantom Words”, of which Han-earl Park has said, “Nothing like guitar as I would imagine it. Music to lose yourself in (in the best possible way). You find yourself melting right into it… You should go and download it. Right now.” And the melting only intensifies on on “Chord”, a double electric guitar recording with Tom Marsan. Then there’s Vomit Fist, Didkovsky’s metal band. Oh, and his tribute to Alice Cooper’s “Pretties For You”. Not forgetting Doctor Nerve, the experimental, genre-leaping rock band he founded back in 1983. Where did it all begin…?