More Baltimore Shows

Source: An Die Musik Live.

Sunday, September 23 – 7 pm
Steve Steve Olson: drums, cymbals, objects
Dave Ballou: trumpet
Jim McFalls: trombone
This is the debut of a new trio which has been a long time in the making. Made up of three established Baltimore improvising musicians, Olson Ballou McFalls explores intimate musical communication, story-telling, space, and emotion. Conversational music. Music with heart. All three musicians have absorbed and expanded on various musical traditions, and bring that experience to their collaboration.

Thursday, September 27 – 8 & 9:30 pm
Stephan Crump, bass
Ingrid Laubrock, sax
Corey Smythe, piano
The trio recently released an acclaimed album called Planktonic Finales on Intakt. When they perform they blend their various timbres so beautifully that the music feels totally cohesive. The result is captivating for audiences,.