New Releases From Chant Records

Source: Chant Records.

The Lie Detectors
Part III: Secret Unit
The Lie Detectors is a duo of NYC-based Eyal Maoz (guitar) and London-based Asaf Sirkis (drums). Friends since they were kids growing up Israel, Maoz and Sirkis formed a club called The Lie Detectors. Their longstanding relationship has led to a telepathic style of playing together, rooted in the rich tradition of jazz but always willing to smash it wide open, bringing in influences including rock, punk and whatever else might cross their Top Secret path.

The Invisible Party
The Invisible Party is an improvising trio that plays hard and takes no prisoners, with splatters of spontaneity, off-kilter phrases and distorted shrieks and scrapes, all done with merciless joy and abandon. With Malmö, Sweden-based Jon Lipscomb on guitar (Brandon Lopez, Jarrett Gilgore) and the Brooklyn-based rhythm section of Kurt Kotheimer on bass (Bobby Previte, Chris Cohen of Deerhoof) and Dave Treut on drums (Crystal Fighters, Kaki King).