Catherine Sikora Interview

Source: a Jazz Noise.

A couple of years ago, I was introduced to Catherine Sikora’s playing thanks to the album “Anomic Aphasia”. Two tracks featured Sikora with guitarists Han-earl Park and Nick Didkovsky, or Eris 136199 when taken all together: “…a cyclic frenzy of fragmented sounds without an ounce of entropy.” if I’m allowed to quote myself!? Not very coincidentally, the new, eponymous Eris 136199 album is out on 9th October, pre-ordering now on Bandcamp… Then there’s the opportunity (hint,hint!) to delve deeper in Sikora’s other projects, which include collaborations with Eric Mingus and Stanley Zappa, the Beowulf-inspired “untitled: after” with Brian Chase, and her solo work. There are plenty of leads to pursue in the following 7 answers…