Sarah Davachi Interviewed

Source: The Quietus.

Since 2013’s The Untuning Of The Sky, renowned Canadian composer and performer Sarah Davachi has been responsible for a steady stream of releases, exploring her considered approach to composition, and her expertise in synthesis.

Having previously studied philosophy, Davachi honed in on her interests in sound whilst studying at Mills College in Oakland, California.

In the years since, she quickly established herself as an artist with a reputation for proficiencies in this field, as heard on records such as Qualities Of Bodies Permanent. Her love for instruments and fascinations with timbre and space form the basis for an ever-captivating discography that evidences a patience and thoughtfulness that is hard to come by nowadays. The 2015 record, released via Constellation Tatsu, explored the capabilities and minutiae of synths such as the ARP 2500, Buchla Music Easel and EMS Synthi AKS.