New Releases from Midira Records

Source: Midira Records.

Unconquered: 2008​​-​​2018 (2xCD | Digital)
10 years ago thisquietarmy released his debut album, that marked a new direction in the music career of Eric Quach. To celebrate this very special album, we worked out a very special re-release. This new edit comes with new artwork by Eric Quach, with newly mastered and remixed tracks and with a second CD full of previously unreleased tracks from 2008, like the 30 minutes long “Into Dust, Out Of Dust” inspired by Mazzy Star.

Attilio Novellino
A Conscious Effort (Vinyl)
Italian artist Attilio Novellino has his very own signature sound, that melts ambient, drone and electronic sounds into a floating soundwave, full of twists and transformations. The album also features a variation of guest musicians like Tim Barnes, Alex Vatagin, Daniel Mackenzie (Ekca Liena), Witxes and more, who expand the soundcosmos of this release in many special ways.