Sarah Davachi Profiled

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

Though she herself is irreligious, Canadian electroacoustic drone musician Sarah Davachi is fascinated by churches—and not just because of their scale, sound, or smell. “I guess I would identify as an atheist,” she says, “but I still have this deep interest, even beyond the architectural aspects—tapping into the sense of time and ritual, and feeling how ritual behaviors can be healing when you’re in a state of chaos or transition or grasping onto things.”

While living in and touring through Europe in the first half of 2017, it became a bit of a running joke—new city, new cathedral to visit; and inhabiting—or imitating—that sacred space became fundamental in creating her new record Gave In Rest, a full-length work of ambient drone that weaves together voice, organ, piano, synthesizer, and more into something at once massive, healing, organic, and meditative.