The Free Jazz Collective Reviews

Source: The Free Jazz Collective.

Latest Releases of Israeli Saxophonist Albert Beger and Double Bass Player Shay Hazan

Ben Hall’s Racehorse Names – The New Favourite Thing Called Breathing (Relative Pitch, 2018) ***½

BROM – Cardboard Sea (Tiger Moon Records, 2018) ***½

J@K@L (Keefe Jackson, Julian Kirshner, Fred Lonberg-Holm) – After A Few Days (Jaki Records, 2018) ****

Dave Ballou and BeepHonk – The Windup (Clean Feed) ***½

Ken Vandermark, Klaus Kugel, Mark Tokar – No-Exit Corner (Not Two Records, 2018) ****

Marco Colonna, Agustí Fernández & Zlatko Kaučič – Agrakal (Not Two, 2018) ****½


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