Ambience for the Eye and Heterodyne Perform in DC, September 13 at the Dew Drop Inn

2801 8th St., NE, Washington DC, begins at 8pm

Visual and auditory improvisations by Monica Stroik (video) and Douglas Robert (tenor bass).
Monica Stroik is a multimedia artist from the mid eastern United States. Disciplines include paint, silversmithing, ceramics, printmaking, textiles, encaustics, photography, live performance in voice and instrumentation, in physical as well as digital platforms (photo, video, animation, and video mapping technologies). After special studies programs (SACI, Florence Italy and SVA, New York City ) and graduating with an MFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in 2013, her work has been featured in local galleries, international embassies, and commissioned for private collections as well as large corporate installations. She does custom album artwork and heads the art department for Verses Records, an independent label collective. She has provided visual design and projections for many live, local dc musical groups including Tone, Super! Silver! Haze!, Huda Asfour, and The Mantis, in venues ranging from small rock clubs to the Kennedy Center for the Arts. In “Ambience for the Eye”, Stroik utilizes electronics to meld visual and auditory elements throughout spacious, etherial multi media arrangements.
Douglas Kallmeyer is a musician and sound designer/ mix engineer, whose attention to sonic detail has afforded him opportunities to work and tour internationally with notable artists including Blonde Redhead, Shellac, Phanotgram, Big Boi, and many more.
“Where technology and artistic media meet has always been a central driving force behind this, initially sparked by large scale bass amplification experiments and immersion in sound system culture where the mixing console is utilized as an instrument”.
– Chris Sharp, The Wire – Adventures In Modern Music


Improvisations by Ted Zook (basscello) and Maria Sheshiuk (keyboards).
“Shesiuk, 38, and Zook, 70, formed Heterodyne last summer after repeatedly crossing paths on Baltimore’s improv scene, and they have since performed their telepathy with a revolving cast of area musicians — saxophonist Sarah Marie Hughes, drummer Jerry Busher and keyboardist Bob Boilen (of NPR fame ) among them. Shesiuk mainly plays keyboards while Zook bows a hybridized “basscello.” And because Heterodyne has never rehearsed, the music remains dictated by those core instruments, whoever shows up to join them onstage and the mood of the room.”
-Chris Richards, The Washington Post (

Myra Melford Upcoming Performances

Source: Myra Melford.

September 21, 2018
Greenwich House Music School
New York, NY, USA Fay Victor, Marika Hughes and Myra Melford

September 30, 2018
SF Music Day
San Francisco, CA, USA Myra Melford piano and Ian Winters video

October 4, 2018
Houston, TX, USA Tiger Trio

October 5, 2018
MATCH, Nameless Sound
Houston, TX, USA Tiger Trio

October 6, 2018
Ars Nova Festival
Philadelphia, PA, USA Tiger Trio

October 7, 2018
Washington, DC, USA Tiger Trio

October 8, 2018
Arts for Art, Teatro La Tea at Clemente Soto Velez
New York, NY, USA Tiger Trio

October 10, 2018
7:00 pm Conrad Prebys Music Center Concert Hall, UC San Diego
San Diego, CA, USA Tiger Trio

October 12, 2018
8:00 pm Angel City Jazz Festival
Los Angeles, CA, USA Tiger Trio

October 13, 2018
1068 Spruce House Concerts
Berkeley, CA, USA Joelle Leandre and Myra Melford

October 20, 2018
Ann Arbor, MI, USA Tiger Trio

October 20, 2018
Ann Arbor, MI, USA Solo Piano

October 27, 2018
Warsaw, Poland Tiger Trio

ReR Megacorp New Releases

Source: ReR Megacorp.

Number 12 in the ReR Jon Rose series. Jon Rose and Chris Abrahams (of The Necks ), after four decades of being parts of other projects, finally got around to recording as a duo. Jon uses a number of violins, including the bird – a specially made tenor hardanger fiddle with.

VITOR RUA & THE METAPHYSICAL ANGELS: When Better isn’t Quite Good Enough (dbl CD)
The spirit of enquiry and experiment is still alive and kicking – in Portugal anyway. On t his double CD, Vitor looks twice at the same material. On CD one we get his unique take on guitar improvisation, which is electric, songlike and mixes genres in an unusual way.

Nate Chinen’s Playing Changes Reviewed

Source: Slate.

The first name that appears in Chinen’s first chapter is Kamasi Washington, the young Los Angeles tenor sax player whose work with rap star Kendrick Lamar and his own fittingly titled triple album, The Epic, have catapulted him into the surprising position of playing John Coltrane–influenced cosmic-jazz shows before crowds of tens of thousands. As Chinen writes, Washington “emerged as jazz’s most persuasive embodiment of new black pride at a moment when few forces in American culture felt more pressing.” He’s a perfect example of how the multiculturally minded, socially conscious, and emotionally acute concerns of much 21st-century jazz could appeal perfectly to the moods of many young listeners today, if it could just find channels to reach them.