Upcoming XYQuartet Performances

Source: nusica.org.

XYQuartet is one of the most appreciated groups of the new Italian jazz scene. With three albums and many concerts in Italy and abroad, it was twice awarded (2014 and 2017) “second best Italian group” by the magazine Musica Jazz.

The band’s musical language goes from jazz to contemporary music, from prog to post minimalism and from pop to the latest NY in influences. To do so, they research and develop this new language in a creative and influent way, putting together all these different musical codes in a very homogenous form.

Next concerts below.

August 28th h 22.30
Radio3 Suite
Concert from festival “Una Striscia di Terra Feconda”, Tivoli, Roma, 2017

September 7th h 21
Volandia, Museo del Volo, Somma Lombardo (VA)
Festival JAZZaltro 2018

September, 22nd h 21
Licciana Nardi (MS)
Mutamenti Jazz Festival

October, 25th h 21
Teatro Forma, Bari
“Nel Gioco del Jazz” Festival

October 27th h 13:30
Cormons (GO)
“Jazz & Wine of Peace” Festival

Edgard Varese Releases Reviewed

Source: burning ambulance.

Edgard Varèse is a crucial figure in the history of 20th century music. His major works—Arcana, Intégrales, Density 21.5, Ionisation, Déserts, Octandre, Offrandes, and Poème Électronique—with their emphasis on timbre and rhythm, and their embrace of then-new technologies (he loved electronic music and instruments like the theremin and ondes Martenot), have been massively influential. Frank Zappa was an obsessive Varèse fan who had hoped to collaborate with the man, and John Zorn dedicated all seven CDs by his Moonchild ensemble to Varèse and Antonin Artaud.

The UK label Cherry Red has compiled three 1950s LPs of Varèse’s music into a three-CD box set. (Get it from Amazon.) The first disc includes Complete Works of Edgard Varèse, Vol. 1, a four-track EP totaling 28 minutes of music, originally released on the EMS label in 1951. This has been combined, as it was on a 1977 album on Turkish composer Ilhan Mimaroglu‘s Finnadar label, with the three-part Interpolations (from Déserts), tape pieces created in 1954 in the studios of the Groupe de Musique Concrète in Paris.

Jessica Ackerley Profiled and Interviewed

Source: Jazz Right Now.

Jessica Ackerley is a leading guitarist in her generation of improvisers and experimentalists in Brooklyn today. Originally from Alberta, and having trained at Grant MacEwan and Rutgers, and has played with many contemporaries since arriving in New York City in 2013. Her debut record as a leader, Coalesce, was one of the underground surprises of 2017.

Ackerley has a number of exciting performances coming up in September and early October that feature some of the groups she is now leading or a part of:

Ganglion: Jessica Ackerley (guitar), Nick Dunston (bass), Stephen Boegehold (drums/compositions) at the Bar Next Door, Tuesday Sep 11, 6:30 pm

Ganglion: Michael Attias (saxophone), Jessica Ackerley (guitar), Florian Herzog (bass), Stephen Boegehold (drums/compositions) at Spectrum, Monday Sep 17, 7 pm

Jessica Ackerley Solo at Main Drag Music, Sep 20, 8 pm

Jessica Ackerley Quartet featuring Sarah Manning (saxophone), Jessica Ackerley – guitar/compositions, Mat Muntz (bass), Stephen Boegehold (drums) at Wonders of Nature, Thursday, Oct 4, 8 pm