Konstrukt and Keiji Haino Make Their Own Improvisational Musical Language 

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

“Things have never been easy in Turkey for anybody with an open mind, and it won’t be easier from now on,” says Konstrukt co-founder Umut Çaglar. “We as a band never had any financial relationship with or expectation from any corporation or government, so the key element is to stay independent to be able to survive in these dark days.”

Still, artists are going to do what they’re compelled to do, and for over a decade, multi-instrumentalists Çaglar and Korhan Futacı, plus a few different rhythm sections, have been making fascinating avant-garde jazz as the founders and leaders of Konstrukt. The ensemble formed in 2008, and their music has been a constantly evolving mix of free jazz, electronic experimentation, and traditional Turkish instruments ever since. At times, their work embraces the flutes-and-percussion combo of Don Cherry or the Art Ensemble of Chicago, with additional electronic elements reminiscent of the early 1970s work of the Sun Ra Arkestra, or Miles Davis’s 1975 band as heard on Agharta and Pangaea. Until recently, most of their catalog was available only on limited-edition LPs, with one or two titles popping up on CD.