AMN Reviews: Kreysing / Penschuck / Stadlmeier – Re-encypher (2018; Attenuation Circuit)

This three-person drone performance was recorded live in Münster late last year. Anja Kreysing provides accordion and electronics, Dan Penschuck is on percussion, synth, and effects, and Sascha Stadlmeier plays guitar, heater, wood, voice, and effects. Over two long tracks, this trio offers what could be the soundtrack to a demented horror movie. In addition to the aforementioned drones – which are dark and haunting, Penschuck and Stadlmeier set forth disjointed and indeterminate percussion. These latter contributions use what appears to be a combination of found objects and more conventional drum equipment. Another standout aspect of the release is Kreysing’s slow-moving accordion playing.  She layers it over and around the synths, but also brings it to the fore to evoke an ominous atmosphere not unlike that of a deranged circus. As a result, Re-encypher goes beyond run-of-the-mill stylings and is an interesting bridge between dark ambient music, free improv, and something mysterious and sinister. Recommended.