Other Minds to Release Archival Collections of San Francisco Area Electronic Musicians

Source: Other Minds.

On July 20th, Other Minds Records begins the second edition of Modern Hits, a collection of archival works by pioneers of electronic music. Modern Hits is a series of digital-only releases focused on unearthing archival works by the unsung pioneers of electronic music from the Bay Area and beyond. Previous editions have included work by John Bischoff, Ramón Sender, Sheila Booth, and others. This latest edition features works by Tom Djll {pronounced Dill}, Jerry Hunt, Philip Bimstein, and Alden Jenks.

Tom Djll has long been developing his idiosyncratic language for trumpet—a vocabulary expanded by the use of modular synthesizers. Serge Works collects compositions and improvisations recorded between 1983 and 1988, relatively early in the development of his improvisational work. Included in the liner notes is an extensive interview between Djll and Bay Area improviser Aaron Oppenheim on Djll’s techniques and history.

Jerry Hunt is a unique and often misunderstood figure in New Music. His MH release from ‘Ground’ captures an excerpt from a performance of his avant-garde operatic piece Ground at KPFA’s studios in Berkeley, CA. In this unique expression of ritualistic music, the composer uses his voice and body to trigger electronic samples. Included are detailed liner notes by David Menestres.

Philip Bimstein is a composer and politician based in a small town in rural Utah. His work often engages with the every day lives of those in the community around him. Angels, Cats & Shackles collects three vastly different works. Cats in the Kitchen is a piece for woodwind duo (expertly performed by Michele Fiala and Heidi Pinter) and an electronic accompaniment made from samples of everyday kitchen objects. Lockdown! is a haunting and moving piece made from recorded interviews with young men confined in Washington County Youth Crisis Center in St. George, Utah.

On the aptly named Drones, Alden Jenks shares three longform pieces of delicate synthesis recorded in the late 60s and early 70s. While the pieces are hardly blissful, they represent somewhat of a link between the avant-garde and New Age music scenes simultaneously percolating in the Bay Area in that time period.