All About Jazz Reviews

Source: All About Jazz.

Theirs (Cuneiform Records)

Ab Baars
And She Speaks – A Collection Of Ballads (Wig)

Christy Doran
Undercurrent – Live at Theater Gutersloh (Intuition)

William Parker
Lake of Light: Compositions for AquaSonics (Gotta Let It Out)

Jamie Saft Quartet
Blue Dream (RareNoiseRecords)

Satoko Fujii / Joe Fonda / Gianni Mimmo
Triad (Long Song Records)

Dave Rempis/ Darren Johnston / Larry Ochs
Empty Castles (Aerophonic Records)

Chad Taylor
Myths and Morals (ears&eyes Records)

The Rempis / Daisy Duo & Guests
Dodecahedron (Aerophonic Records)

Anthony Braxton Quartet
(Willisau) 1991 Studio (Hatology)

This Is It!
1538 (Libra Records)