Steve Roach Profiled

Source: My Spilt Milk.

His music is nominally ambient, but not as aggressively blank as Brian Eno’s Ambient 1: Music for Airports. His affection for Tangerine Dream led Roach in more of an art-rock direction. He loved Klaus Schultze’s Timewind, (1975), which “fit in with this surreal, imaginary landscape” on the cover, he says. The epic sweep of his classics Structures from Silence (1984) and Dreamtime Return (1988) bring to mind the sci-fi cover art landscapes of Roger Dean in their elegance and rich textures. The title track of his recent Molecules of Motion pulses with a Kraftwerkian mechanical precision, while pieces move like waves, creating a sound that slowly swells and grows in definition until it crests and recedes, only to be replaced at a regular interval by another sonic wave much like the one before.