Treader Recordings Releases

Source: Treader.

John Tilbury solo using two pianos-one prepared,the other not, the former being the famous old piano which once belonged to to Myra Hess. Ishmael Wadada Leo Smith solo accompanied by the spectral sound of sympathetic strings from John Tilbury’s prepared piano,followed by a long and utterly absorbing duo from these two masterful musicians.

Following in the august footsteps of Berg,Webern,Messiaen and Ligeti,Richard Barrett and Paul Obermayer assembled this wonderful international octet for the Donaueschingen Festival in 2012.Their live improvisation with Phil Minton, Ute Wassermann, Lori Freedman, John Butcher, Rhodri Davies and Paul lovens was then used as material for the beautiful studio work Hmyz,recorded on the following day.

TRD 22
In the only studio recording of this duo,John Tchicai and Evan Parker improvise a set of pieces at once reflective and joyful, introspective and responsive by turns. Recorded in 2005 during John’s visit to London at the invitation of John Coxon and Ashley Wales. A beautiful dialogue between these two great figures.

TRD 23
A five part suite evoking the memory of Jimmy Guiffre and Giancinto Scelsi.Alex’s brilliant clarinet playing perfecty complements Coxon’s musical experiments in which the listener’s spatial perspectives are constantly being challenged-extremely vivid recordings of guitars,kalimbas,78rpm recordings,pebbles,metal objects and handbells form surreal landscapes as he takes the listener on an extended musical journey.

TRD 24
The extraordinary improvising duo of John Edwards and Mark Sanders have recorded together in countless groups,but only once as a duo [Nisus Duets EMANEM 2002].For this recording,Mark uses an unorthodox kit setup with horizontal orchestral bass drum.John’s huge bass sound is captured in full by the old RCA ribbon microphone used in this recording. Constantly imaginative,thrilling playing.