Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 11/2018

Source: Taran’s Free Jazz Hour.

Barely Cool: Schroeder, Sax/ Campello, G/ Godoy, Dr

Amirani Records
Syria: Stefano Ferrian, Ts/ Simone Quatrana, P

Earle Brown: Gianni Lenoci, P

Alchemy Sound Project
Adventures in Time and Space: Alchemy Sound Project

Gotta Let It out
Lake of Light: William Parker , Aquasonic Waterphones

Invisible Cities: Eloisa Manera Ensemble

Rick Countryman
Jya-NE: Rick Countryman, as/ Sabu Toyozumi, Dr/ Simon Tan, B/ Stella Ignacio, Vo/ Isla Antinero, Tbn

Ninety-nine Years: Satoko Fujii Orchestra Berlin

Hernán Samá
Sounds from the Field. for Animals and Wildlife: Hernán Samá, Soprano Sax and Tenor / Marcelo Von Schultz, Drums

Der Dichter Spricht: Laura Schuler, Vln/ Lisa Hoppe, B/ Luzius Schuler, P

Lina Allemano
Sometimes Y: Lina Allemano, Tp/ Brodie West, as/ Andrew Downing, B/ Nick Fraser, Dr

Muriel Grossman
Momentum: Muriel Grossman, Ts, as, Ss/ Radomir Milojkovic, G/ Gina Schwarz, B/ Uros Stamenkovic, Dr


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