Sound American 19 is Out

Source: Sound American. And it is all about David Dunn.

Sound American 19:

Guest Edited by Null Point
Colin Tucker and Ethan Hayden

SA19: The PLACE Issue
From The Editor
Nate Wooley

Sounding Collectivities beyond Nature and Culture: an Introduction to the Music of David Dunn
Colin Tucker/Ethan Hayden

A Performance in Ten Parts
David Dunn

42 Years Later
David Dunn

A Listener’s Guide to David Dunn’s PLACE

Colin Tucker
Ring Theory:

Techno-alchemical Integration in the Works of David Dunn
Ethan Hayden

Environmental Dialogues:
Conversations with Nature in the Music of David Dunn
D. Edward Davis

The Emergent Magician:
Metaphors of Mind in the Work of David Dunn
Madison Heying/David Kant

Performing PLACE
Conversations with the Performers about Null Point’s World Premiere Realizations of David Dunn’s PLACE