An Interview With Jakob Ullmann

Source: Title Magazine.

akob Ullmann (b. 1958, Freiberg, East Germany) is a composer based between Naumburg and Basel. Though he formally studied sacred music and organ with the organist for the Dresden Cathedral, Hans-Jürgen Scholze, from 1979 to 1982, both the Protestant and Catholic Church forbade him to perform as an organist because of his refusal to serve in the National People’s Army of East Germany. Accused of defaming the state and passing on information with the intention of hurting East German interests, he was later barred from attending the Academie der Künste in East Berlin, which led him to study privately with composer Friedrich Goldmann. For most of his early career, Ullmann supported himself with a series of menial jobs while composing music in his spare time. Since 2008, Ullmann has been a professor of composition, notation, and music theory at the Musik-Academie Basel.