Another Review of Anthony Braxton ZIM MUSIC Septet at Cafe Oto

Source: LondonJazz.

Heading up his youthful ZIM MUSIC Septet, Braxton kicked off their intense, 75-minute set with a mighty flurry on alto, a parallel revisit to For Alto’s landmark premise, demonstrating that, at 72 years, he retains his fluency, technical command and unquenchable appetite for musical adventure. And this was not straight jazz instrumentation – no drums, no bass, no piano. Instead, with Braxton to left of stage on saxes, the septet comprised brass from Taylor Ho Bynum (cornets and trombone) directly opposite him, to right of stage, the two harps of Jacqueline Kerrod and Miriam Overlach, one either side of the performance area, with Adam Matlock on accordion (and occasional recorder), violinist Jean Cook and Dan Perks on tuba, centre stage.