Another Review of Anthony Braxton ZIM MUSIC Septet at Cafe Oto

Source: LondonJazz.

Heading up his youthful ZIM MUSIC Septet, Braxton kicked off their intense, 75-minute set with a mighty flurry on alto, a parallel revisit to For Alto’s landmark premise, demonstrating that, at 72 years, he retains his fluency, technical command and unquenchable appetite for musical adventure. And this was not straight jazz instrumentation – no drums, no bass, no piano. Instead, with Braxton to left of stage on saxes, the septet comprised brass from Taylor Ho Bynum (cornets and trombone) directly opposite him, to right of stage, the two harps of Jacqueline Kerrod and Miriam Overlach, one either side of the performance area, with Adam Matlock on accordion (and occasional recorder), violinist Jean Cook and Dan Perks on tuba, centre stage.

Heterodyne, Pagan Reagan, Hisatsinom, and The Mess at Baltimore’s EMP Collective on Friday, June 8

On June 8Heterodyne will be sharing the stage with Pagan Reagan, Hisatsinom and The Mess at Baltimore’s EMP Collective, which is located at 307 W Baltimore St in Baltimore .   Doors are at 8 pm; $7.
Heterodyne (Baltimore/DC/VA)  is an improvisational project; its co-founders and core performers are Maria Shesiuk (Moog and processed vocalizations) and Steinberger Artist T. A. Zook ( (NS Design Omni Bass, strung as a basscello).
Free downloads of Heterodyne’s sessions and performances:
-Volume I:
-Volume II:
-Volume III:
-Volume IV:
-Volume V:
Heterodyne’s spoken word artist Dan Gutstein has posted insightful commentary on the project:
Pagan Reagan (DC/MD/VA)  is a heavy fuzzy psych rock trio from outer space. Evan O’Neal conjures a raw whizzing electric guitar tone that has been known to inspire cult indoctrination while Maya Renfro’s violin growls through an octavizer, fulfilling a melodic low end like a hellish orchestra gone mad. Lead vocals are handed off between them, with O’Neal gleaning comparisons to Lou Reed & Renfro earning the title of “Grace Slick reincarnated”. Mitchell Bass (also of Daamsel) is known for his expansive kit and particular curation in regards to the booming resonance of his percussion. To put it succinctly, a thunder striker.
Hisatsinom  (Baltimore) started playing and performing music in the underground/ experimental Baltimore “scene” in The Mountains (2001-2004).  Hisatsinom plays a form of “experimental American primitive guitar”:  6- and 12-string electric/acoustic guitar; banjo; loops; drum . Occasional contributions from local “experimental” musician/Red Room veteran Eric Franklin: theremin, various electronics, percussion, etc.
The Mess (Annapolis) is a revolving door of musicians with Joseph Martin from 3rd Grade Friends at the top of the heap. Other messes involved are Brendan McLaughlin of Early American, Dave Drell and Adam Jeffrey of Distinguished Gentlemen, Tracey Buchanan of Holy Finger, Jeff Donaldson formerly of Wzt Hrts .

Improvisation Summit of Portland: July 6-July 7, 2018

Source: Creative Music Guild. Lineup will include:

Mark Dresser (San Diego)
Dana Reason Ensemble: a tribute to Pauline Oliveros,
Bad Luck (Seattle)
This Saxophone Kills Fascists (Arrington de Dionyso)
Helen Gillet (New Orleans)
Rich Halley Quartet
False Face Society
Matt Carlson
Capser Sonnett w/ Kozue Maxtsumot
Ian Christensen Quartet
The annual Round Robin Duets
and much, much more….