Ron Anderson & G. Calvin Weston in NY Tonight

Source: Ron Anderson.

9pm — Ron Anderson Improv Metal Quartet
Brutal free improv from the dark-side
Ron Anderson (guitar) Tom Shad (bass) Will Arvo (keyboard) Larry Kwartowitz (drums)

10pm — G Calvin Weston + Cartoon Justice — Strange intersection between Harmolodic punk jazz and electroacoustic art with an indigenous roots infusion.. G Calvin Weston (drums) Mika Pontecorvo (guitar, electronics, flute) Kersti Abrams (alto sax, maqrunah, mbira) Adriane Pontecorvo (cello, percussion) Mark Pino (drums) Eli Pontecorvo (electric bass)

11pm — Matt Lavelle’s 12 Houses — large ensemble avant-jazz…

12pm — Lingua Incognita Open Improv Session —
12 Houses and Cartoon Justice with others in a collaborative improv on themes and grammar of Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew and Ornette Coleman’s Primetime work…

Saturday June 2nd, 9pm $15/sliding scale
Muchmores – 2 Havemeyer St, Brooklyn, NY