Nils Frykdahl Interview

Source: Colorado Springs Independent.

Free Salamander Exhibit consists of Frykdahl and Rathbun along with Sleepytime multi-instrumentalist Michael Mellender, former Sleepytime drummer David Shamrock, and multi-instrumentalist Drew Wheeler. Their music is complicated and angular, paying homage to the Rock in Opposition movement, a collective of experimental 1970s bands like Henry Cow and Univers Zero. To that end, they often use homemade instruments, perhaps most prominently Rathbun’s massive sledgehammer dulcimer — picture something like a lap-steel guitar, but 7 feet long, made with piano strings and played with a hammer. Frykdahl’s vocal lines fluctuate from death metal snarling to a resonant baritone to falsetto, all richly expressive. Further, they’re big fans of confusion, especially rhythmic confusion in their music.