New World Records New Releases

Source: New World Records.

James Romig: Still, for solo piano
Composer(s): James Romig
Ashlee Mack, piano
James Romig (b. 1971) endeavors to create music that reflects the intricate complexity of the natural world, where fundamental structures exert influence on both small-scale iteration and large-scale design, obscuring boundaries between form and content.

Lejaren Hiller: Sonatas
Composer(s): Lejaren Hiller
Conrad Harris, violin; Joseph Kubera, piano
Lejaren Hiller (1924 – 1994) is, understandably, best known for his computer-assisted compositions and works utilizing electronics. The three pieces included in this collection span a crucial fifteen-year period in Hiller’s career.

James Tenney: Harmonium
Composer(s): James Tenney
Asked whether he would describe his music as “Sound for the sake of sound,” James Tenney (1934 – 2006) replied, “It’s sound for the sake of perceptual insight – some kind of perceptual revelation.” This release aptly demonstrates Tenney’s deep exploratory fascination with the nature and potentialities of aural perception.