Open Ears Festival in Waterloo, Ontario, May 28 – June 3 

Source: Open Ears. Performances include (via The Record):

• A punch card composition workshop with music-box composer Jason Doell. Participants will receive a music box, puncher and punch cards. (May 31)

• A tribute to Frank Zappa featuring Austrian ensemble Studio Dan, whose name is derived from Zappa’s ’78 album Studio Tan. (June 1)

• A feature documentary about famed avant-garde artist, musician and educator Tony Conrad, who had links with both the Velvet Underground and Sonic Youth and appeared at Open Ears in 2011 before his death two years ago. (June 2)

• The concert pairing of Nico Muhly — known as the Bill Murray of the Avant-Garde — with acclaimed violist/fellow New Yorker Nadia Sirota for an evening described as “a journey of post minimalist, electronic and pure chamber bliss.” (June 2)

• A tribute to Peter Hatch, who founded the festival in 1998, with church bells ringing across the city and a choir of Rooftop Voices. (May 30)

• A Night at the Museum featuring the Penderecki String Quartet, TorQ Percussion Quartet, 50 different instruments, electronics and the world première of turntable artist/DJ/composer Nicole Lizee’s new octet. (May 31)

• Music from “The Lost Ones,” a concert/play hybrid about love, loss, manipulation and politics that references online dating, internet surfing, the devastating fate of child soldiers and — as if this weren’t enough — musical reinterpretations of songs by Bob Dylan, The Beatles, AC/DC and the writings of Friedrich Nietzsche. (June 1)

• The world première of Katerina Gimon’s new piece for multi-instruments and voice, which Burrows says will be “a moving orchestra of sound” as musicians and listeners wander through Victoria Park. (June 2)

• Acclaimed Japanese mixingboard master Toshimaru Nakamura teamed with Norwegian microtonal tuba virtuoso Martin Taxt for a performance Burrows says will “manipulate sounds in the moment and take you on a journey.” Billed as an “intense, immersive and brain-rewiring night of performance.” (May 31)